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OpenText FirstClass

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OpenText™ FirstClass® is a powerful collaboration solution that drives teamwork, improves communication, makes people and information easily accessible from any mobile device, and ensures team members are connected within the organization. FirstClass is a fully integrated solution that is cost-effective, flexible and easy to administer. It empowers individuals and teams to work together toward a common goal, with a shared sense of purpose and new ways to participate.

FirstClass is designed to support collaboration, easy and secure communication, mobile access, personalization, integration with other applications, and safe, reliable archiving.


FirstClass provides a rich, socially collaborative experience within an online environment.

  • Communities for defined organizations, departments, and ad hoc groups
  • Threaded discussions, subfolders, wikis, calendars, and file storage areas
  • Support for rich text content, attachments, embedded images, and videos
  • Drag and drop, and full editing capabilities


FirstClass offers fully functional email, voicemail, and calendaring capabilities that enable users to securely communicate within the internal online community or with anyone outside the organization.

  • Email and instant messaging
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Contact management
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access


Your FirstClass account is easily accessible from desktop browsers or mobile devices.

  • A true anytime, anywhere mobile collaboration experience
  • Available for the iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, and Windows Mobile and Surface RT Tablets


Dashboards allow individuals to decide which information they want presented to them, encouraging greater productivity and a more relevant experience.

  • Customized views
  • Personal information management and workspace
  • Personal profiles and blogs
  • "My People" list and status updates
  • Ability to “pin” frequently visited content and follow topics of interest


An open API allows integration with HTML 5–based applications, providing one central point for collaboration.

  • Auth Client support
  • Flexible group/membership access


FirstClass satisfies requirements for archiving of electronic messaging for industry regulations and internal policies.

  • Reliable long-term storage of historical messages
    • Comprehensive archiving, retention and searching capabilities for all FirstClass messages   

FirstClass includes a family of components that together fully support all of your collaboration and communication needs.


Take advantage of the rich collaboration environment in FirstClass to share content, engage in threaded discussions, connect with coworkers and keep up to date with what’s happening in your organization.


Create shared spaces for working with colleagues inside your network and partners outside your network. Use a wide range of social networking tools.

Instant Messaging

Collaborate in real time with people, or your team/group using FirstClass Instant Messaging, text, and video chat.

Blogging and Micro-blogging

Make your voice heard within your organization by sharing your expertise and insights with others within a secure environment.

Personal Web Publishing

Take advantage of our comprehensive set of web publishing tools to create your own personal website within the community. No knowledge of HTML required.


Allow other members of the organization to get to know you and your areas of expertise.


Connect to your network and continue collaborating from anywhere at anytime via iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile and Surface RT Tablets.


Personal and group calendars enable you to easily manage your schedule, plan meetings and book resources online.


FirstClass provides a fully customizable address book with mobile sync options, and enables you to share your important contacts with specific people or your team.

File Storage and Sharing

Files of any type can be transferred to shared workspaces or to your personal file storage repository on the system through simple drag and drop.


Need to find that particular document, wiki, or person fast? Our search facility allows you to quickly retrieve relevancy ranked information.

Archive Services

Easily archive and retrieve messages and calendar items on an individual or group basis.


No hardware, no backup, no upgrade headaches. Let us run your system in a secure, state-of-the-art hosting facility. Log in and access your content and community through any browser or mobile device.

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